Friday, December 4, 2009


So im here in NYC now. I can tell you that the last two days have already felt like two weeks. The best part about it all, is my fresh new whip courtesy of Mark Cosio from iMinusD. Time to wreck the streets.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ferrer for Cukui Clothing

Peep it. Here's a photo I shot a while back of my boy Ferrer for a Cukui Ad. Ferrer's riding his custom Broakland Pipe Bomb poppin' No-Handed/One-Footed Wheelie/Barspins. Check out for the latest news on the gear and lifestyle.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

One Memorable Weekend, Many More Memories

Well as I promised, I return with another entry before I set sail for NYC. With a little over two weeks left, I am trying my best to spend as much time with friends and family. I want to make as many new memories as I can before I take off. So what did I do about that? Well, my weekend began with coffee at good old Starbucks on friday. I got to shoot the shit with my best friend Jared just like old times. I've probably spent more days with him than anyone else kickin' it at Starbucks. Good times my brotha, good times.
I don't want to bore you all with all the details so to make the rest of the weekend somewhat short... Im just gonna let my mind flow..

Later that night, I met up with Frankie, Jae, Alex, Ryan C, Shannel, Jenni at my friends Rj and Ryan's house for some pre-downtown activities. Went to Koji's with Frankie and Jae. Met up JJ, Brian, Jero, Rich, Jacklyn, and Tina. Caught up with Jero for a few mins. Then we all went to Smoke Tiki Lounge for Aloe Black. Met back up with the other homies there. Had a great time. Saw some old friends. Had more fun. After Tiki we ended up back at Ryans house and jammed out on some Keys, Drums, Turntables until the break of dawn(530am). Had hella more fun. It was a great Friday night/morning. Sleep. 10am Get up. Shower. Pick up JJ. Drive to Jareds. JJ jock's Jareds Track bike. We watch Fast and Furious 2 while we wait for Brian. Wonder where the F#$% is Brian? Wonder why the F#$% we are watching Fast and Furious 2? Brian arrives and drives us all DT. First we stop and get Stogs and Remy Martin. Thats right. Remy Martin because JJ is an alcoholic. We head on our way. Jared starts to shoot our journey on HD with his new Flip HD CAM! We reminisce, laugh, talk shit, the usual. We arrive downtown and park. We get seated at Flames. We get seated at Flames. Yes, twice because there were more girls on the other side of the room. We take pics, talk shit, order food, spike drinks, talk more shit. Fall in love with each other all over again. Bounce out. Walk to Phil's for coffee. Talk more shit. Go to iMD, go to CircleA. Talk shit, Drive back, Hug, Daps, Peace out. I head home, Mom makes Pancit, we head to Dublin to Tita Fe's house. Say hi to my family. Kick it wit Kuya Paul. Spend fun quality time with family as Manny Pacquiao kicks ass. We scream, we shout, we laugh, we cry. Manny is Victorious and we are all proud again. Sleep. Wake up early, the Fam takes Uncle Jebet to SFO for this flight to PI. Korean Airlines charges him 50 bucks for being 3 pounds over weight. Not him, his check-in items. We say bye. He makes his flight in the nick of time. We get lost looking for the car at the airport. See cool ferns on the wing of New Zealand Airlines. We find the car. Drive to the City for some grub and QT. We visit Old St. Mary's Church on California for a few mins. Say a little prayer for you. Then Dim Sum at Hung Ah Tea Room in Chinatown. Eat Dim Sum. Yum Yum. Walk around Chinatown and rediscover how cool some stores are in chinatown. We buy a Wok. Leave Chinatown. Look for the Pacquiao Billboard. Drive down Stockton. I shoot a pic with my iphone as im hanging halfway out of the Suburban window to get a shot. Mission accomplished. We drive home. Toshi missed us. Dad makes Sisig, Mom does her nails. I unwind.........

ok, maybe it ended up a little more detailed than I meant for it to be. oh well.. thats what it is. peace.

New Zealand Airlines.

Thinking about robbing a bank?
Do you have a get-away car, but need stolen plates?
$8 in Chinatown.

We stuck to the killer Dim Sum. Next time we'll try the PouRtry

Pacman On Top of the World.

Monday, November 2, 2009

New York Here I Come, Again.

Greetings family and friends. I guess this is turning into to a quarterly blog. I will try my best to update this more often, especially since some of you will not see me for a long time.

In one months time, I will be on my way to the Big Apple for my second Holiday Season. This time with a one way ticket. Although I am totally stoked on the move, I am trying my best to absorb the good energy that surrounds me here in the Bay Area. I will miss (almost) everything about the Bay.

The Journey Continues...

Saturday, March 21, 2009



When I first moved to San Francisco in 2005, I met a kid named Riley thru mutual friends.  He had moved out here after Hurricane Katrina hit and was living in a motel off Market St. with some friends of mine from New Orleans.  I remember skating with him a few times until he started acting a little sketchy.  He was hooked on drugs which seemed to have taken control of his life.  Shortly afterward, he ended up homeless on the streets of SF doing what he could to survive.  We didn't hear from him anymore as he disappeared among the thousands of homeless wandering the streets of the City.  Its sad to see someone you know in a reckless situation unable to help.  

Fast forward a few years later, Riley is now the subject of a documentary.  Here is his story.  

Friday, March 20, 2009

Long overdue

So I thought about starting a blog, and years later I finally remembered to.(thanks to Jared)
Lets begin.....

 Dance Companies from 7 Countries, 1 Hostel. Location Brazil 2005